Mayflower Waterfalls Hiking Tour

Departing the hotel, we proceed North to Hopkins Village and connect with the Southern Highway.

We then head towards the Maya Mountains, visible in the distance. Orange groves turn to banana plantations, which give way to dense tropical rainforest. Once at our destination, your guide will lead you briefly through the ruins site, which has […]

Cayo Mayan Ruins Tour

We will depart early from our resort in Hopkins and begin the tour with a 3-hour drive up the Hummingbird Highway to the Cayo, Belize’s most Western district. The Hummingbird is considered to be the most scenic drive in Belize, as it winds its way through the Maya Mountains. On our journey we will […]

Fishing Snorkeling Combo

This combination tour is organized for persons with limited opportunity to go out to sea or for partners who have different activity preferences. Our certified local guides ensure that both activities get equal opportunity for a win-win day out on the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Click to see descriptions for Fishing and Snorkeling tours.

Difficulty: […]

Raiders Of The Lost Mayan Cave & Lost World Canopy Tour

If action and adventure is what you are looking for, be pre pared for a thrill of a lifetime!

Trek up a hillside trail in the jungle to “Dragon’s Mouth”, the portal into primary forest enclosure with 100 foot rock walls. Follow your certified adventure guide through a labyrinth of cave chambers, some hallowed by […]

Mayflower National Park

Mayflower, a short drive from Hopkins, is a national park filled with Mayan ruins still waiting to be excavated and studied. In the past the ruins have been studied by archaeology students and it has been stipulated that Mayflower is a large site with its own ball court and many ceremonial sites. But, these […]

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary or the Jaguar Preserve

Make your way to the quiet Maya Center Village and the entrance to the world’s first Jaguar Preserve, in the Cockscomb Basin. Stop briefly to sign in and view the hand crafted articles made by the local Mayan women. Continue into the dense rainforest of the Basin which protects an area of over 120,000 […]

Monkey River Tour & Placencia Visit and Shopping Tour

This is a great way to combine visits to two of the most popular destinations in our area. You get to see wildlife up close and you also get to do a little souvenir shopping.

Meet local resident, certified eco guide, sport-fishing guide and businessman Clive Garbutt for a tour on his native Monkey River […]

Crystal Cave at Jaguar Paw

The popular Crystal Cave at Jaguar Paw is one of the largest river caves in Belize. In fact, cave tubing was invented on this river as a fun way to cool off on a hot tropical day! The tour is both fun and educational with certified guides who share information on the stalactites and […]


Parrot Cove Lodge organizes fishing trips with certified local guides know every nook, sandbar and mangrove patch in the region. Various rivers, mangroves, lagoons and atoll nurseries provides for an abundance of marine life making Belize’s southern reef an angler’s paradise! Plentiful flats along the reef are teeming with game fish.

Let your guide know […]

Belize Zoo

One of the unique aspects of the Belize Zoo is the fact that it set within the natural habitat of the animals. The zoo houses 45 native species which were orphaned, rescued, born at the zoo, rehabilitated or donated by other zoos around the world. The founders of the zoo hope to educated local […]