Love on the Rocks

This informal but cozy beach restaurant offers an unique stone grill concept, great cocktails and exceptional service.


Hopkins Village, DangrigaStann Creek District, P.O. Box 303, Belize

Reservations: 672 7272 / 523 7225

The History of Hot Rock Grilling

Not surprisingly, people have used stones for cooking for millennia. We perfected this ancient method for modern diners who want a multi-sensory, healthful restaurant experience. At ‘love on the rocks we are bringing back a tradition started by the ancient Maya’s in Belize by using a modernized cooking technique that is surely thousands of years old.

It is the quality of stone to hold heat and to radiate it at even temperatures over its surface that makes it ideal for cooking. Because of its origins, lava rock is particularly suited for this style of cooking. The lava rock is the product of very slow cooling to hardness.

When heated during 8 hours to about 700º F in a modern oven, it retains this high heat throughout a meal.

Diners can cook, talk, sip wine, turn and slice an entrée, and talk (and sip) some more. There is no outside heat-source – yet the stone remains hot. We hope you will enjoy this brand new cooking technique that is as old as Rock.