Now you see me, now you don’t.

My Body Painting Experience With Trina Merry

I first met Trina Merry around five years ago during a trip to Belize. It was through her father, who had been residing in Hopkins for quite some time, that I had the pleasure of being introduced to her. Trina revealed to me that her livelihood was centered around the captivating art of body painting, which immediately piqued my interest. I’ve always admired individuals who choose unconventional paths and don’t conform to the regular 9-5 jobs, and Trina undoubtedly fit the bill with her unique appearance, behavior, and lifestyle. She’s living her dream, and that alone is reason enough to admire her.

When she showed me some of her work, I was in awe; the body paintings were truly beautiful and mind-blowing. At that moment, I knew I wanted to experience being an art model myself. Of course, a concern crossed my mind – hoping she’d have enough paint to cover my belly!

A few months ago, Trina reached out to me to inquire if I was still interested in being painted. While the idea had slipped my mind, I couldn’t back out of this opportunity. I’ve always believed in the motto of trying everything at least once in life, and this was undoubtedly a unique and first-time experience.

Upon Trina’s arrival in Hopkins, we discussed the theme for the body painting, and she suggested the idea of me becoming one with my kitchen. I respected her artistic vision and gladly agreed. The entire painting experience was nothing short of amazing and humbling. At first, it was a bit awkward to stand before strangers wearing only a tiny skin-colored slip (let’s face it, I may not resemble David of Michelangelo at my age). However, once the paint started to cover my body, the feeling of nakedness dissipated.

The process took longer than I had anticipated, and I quickly discovered that standing still in one position for several hours is no easy task. Nevertheless, the result was truly remarkable.

While Trina was in Belize, there was some controversy surrounding the art of body painting, with certain individuals deeming it pornographic and obscene. But for me, it’s a powerful form of artistic expression. Throughout history, many great artists have faced misunderstanding from the mainstream crowd, and that’s okay. Art can be confrontational, shocking, and unpredictable – it should awaken your senses and broaden your mind.

I owe Trina a tremendous thank you for turning me into an art piece for those few hours and for helping me cross one more item off my bucket list. 

Live happy,