Police Checkpoint

I came to Belize to work for the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City.

We chose live a bit outside the city and ended up living in Vista Del Mar, Ladyville area.

This meant I had to commute about 9 miles every day to my work, which I normally did in my white chef uniform.

I had a valid drivers license from Curacao, Dutch Antilles, however I had jumped to many times in the ocean forgetting to remove my wallet and that license completely faded was no longer readable. 

Of course, I could apply for a brand spanking new Belizean drivers license, but somehow I never found the time to do so

People from the area know that in those days, there was an almost daily police checkpoint, asking for insurance, registration, and driver’s license. There was normally a long line of cars waiting at the check point

Whenever I saw the spot check, I would drive around the line of waiting cars while blowing my horn and pass the police checkpoint yelling out of my window I had to go to the hospital for an emergency.

The only thing I always heard was ‘go through Doc’

My white jacket and Western appearance gave me the perfect cover, the police obviously thought I was a medical Specialist. 

However, about a year after I started this trick, I started airing in a weekly cooking show as part of the local Channel 5 news. This show became much more popular than I ever envisioned, and people started recognizing me on the street.

I should have realized the Police officers watch TV as well.

There was another police checkpoint, and I was trying to pull a short one again. But this time a large police lady signaled me to the side of the road. I had to step out of the car, and I realized I was busted.

She told me; I know you…you are not a doctor…you are Chef Rob from TV.

There wasn’t much sense in denying and I was expecting a heavy, and honestly well deserved, traffic violation ticket from her.

Instead, she shook my hand and said, my kids love your show, I just want to thank you for doing this.

For years I waved at her while passing the checkpoint, and I always heard the same words; Go Through Chef!