We’ve Grown

We've Grown at Parrot Cove Ledge

The White Rabbit said “No room, no room”*, but we say we’ve plenty of room**. But apart from Belize being a wonderland, all similarities to ‘Alice In Wonderland’ end here.

At the beginning of 2024 we became fully operational with our new room expansions and refurbishment to the resort. For our past visitors who haven’t visited over the last 12 months, with our new Penthouse Suites, we are now 16 rooms.

We have our poolside rooms and a Family suite with its own outdoor deck. 3 new Beachfront rooms. One of which can be connected to a poolside room giving immediate access to both the beach and the pool. And to cap it all off, we added a whole new floor on top of the resort that now accommodates 3 penthouse suites with ocean views.

No matter which type of room you choose, you can also enjoy my wife, Corrie’s art, with canvases displayed in most of the rooms. The restaurant is more enclosed and cosier now and we also sometimes have tables on the beach for that extra touch of romance.

So next time you decide to take a tropical break, come and stay in our Belize Wonderland at Parrot Cove Lodge.

Hope to welcome you soon!
— Rob

*From Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
**Subject to availability