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Throughout my life, the concept of boredom has remained a foreign one to me and I seem to have a natural talent to end up in odd situations.

Over time, I’ve documented some of the situations I found myself in. Many of the tales have been shared with my friends, often accompanied by some glasses of wine or a measure of whisky. While each account is firmly rooted in truth, it is a well-recognized fact that with every retelling, and every sip of booze, tales get better over time.

Secondly, I have never shied away from expressing my opinions on subjects that strike a chord with me, particularly when it comes to culinary affairs. The picture proves that my opinion isn’t always shared among the mob.

But enough of my reflections. I invite you to join me on this journey — a journey through my life of travels told in short tales, from heart-breaking to hilarious, and everything in between. These stories offer a glimpse into the life, and weird mind, of a Chef working abroad.



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